The Technopole of Rimini at the Assembly of the High Technology Network

The Technopole of Rimini at the Assembly of the High Technology Network

In Bologna, anceh of the Tecnopolo of Rimini and Emilia 4 was discussed

Yesterday, in the conference room of the CNR - Research Area in Bologna, the Assembly of the High Technology Network of the Emilia Romagna region took place yesterday.

During the meeting the statistics on the participation by companies on the new call for strategic industrial research projects and the results of a survey on satisfaction among the beneficiaries of regional funding were illustrated.

As for the Technopoles Network, it was up to the Rimini Technopole Manager, Lorenzo Succi, to hold an update report on the activities of these important research facilities. In addition to the positive results reported by the network in the last year, Succi also illustrated the winning case of Emilia 4, the solar car winner of the American solar Challenger, created in synergy between the laboratories of the Interdipartimental Centers of Advanced Mechanical Industrial Research and Materials and the Rimini-based SCM Group company.

Emilia 4 is the demonstration of how the right synergies between the world of university research and the business world can be the winning formula for success. In this case, in fact, the relationship between the university world of the industrial research departments and the automotive one, with the CRIF laboratory of the Scm Group, an Italian company that is a world leader in light materials processing machines.


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The new frontiers of sustainable packaging

A conference in Rimini on October 16th
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Rimini Tecnopolo at RBM

In Cesena, October 9th
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Forum S3: great representation of the Technopole Laboratories

FORUM S3 2019 - The Clust-ER and sustainable development: research and innovation for the Agenda 2030 challenges
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Alternative to plastic: the Tecnopolo of Rimini in the front row

EcopAckLab: an innovative packaging system for the conservation quality improvement and completely compostable


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