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CIRI AE Laboratories

  • Instrumental Laboratory - this lab contains a large part of the analytical instrumentation available and is structured for the analysis of organic compounds and for the characterization of polymer matrices (natural or synthetic).
  • Preparation Laboratory 1 - in this laboratory, in addition to electrochemical analysis, are carried out "leaching tests" and "compliance tests" on waste, and studies on the processes of contaminants adsorption and desorption on matrices of various nature.
  • Metals Analysis Laboratory - this laboratory is devoted to the preparation of samples (acid digestion) and to the determination of the metals in the various matrices, from waste to environmental samples.
  • Preparation Laboratory 2 - this laboratory is devoted to the preparation of samples that are particularly susceptible to contamination (e.g. rainwater, atmospheric dust, etc.) and to the extraction of organic micropollutants from solid and liquid matrices.
  • Computing Laboratory - in this laboratory are carried out life cycle assessment (LCA) and mass flow analysis (MFA) studies with the aid of specially developed software.

CIRI MAM Laboratories

  • Laboratory for development and implementation of the protocols for the definition of the chemical-toxicology profile of substances of cosmetic and/or textile and/or industrial interest.
  • Laboratory for the development, validation and application of analytical methods for the characterisation of natural volatile substances usable as raw materials in the preparation of cosmetic products.
  • Laboratory for modelling of industrial projects that can be implemented by client companies.
  • Laboratory of Analysis of the contexts within which design tasks must fit.
  • Laboratory for the development and application of interoperability protocols for exchange of information and coordination between companies in the textile-clothing and footwear industry

The privileged sectors for technology transfer include:

  • Materials industry
  • Fashion and cosmetics industry
  • Active Packaging preparation and validation
  • Development formulations in the cosmetic and nutraceutical field and relevant methods for quality control
  • Complex materials, active principles in plant and animal extracts


The new frontiers of sustainable packaging

A conference in Rimini on October 16th

Rimini Tecnopolo at RBM

In Cesena, October 9th

Forum S3: great representation of the Technopole Laboratories

FORUM S3 2019 - The Clust-ER and sustainable development: research and innovation for the Agenda 2030 challenges

Alternative to plastic: the Tecnopolo of Rimini in the front row

EcopAckLab: an innovative packaging system for the conservation quality improvement and completely compostable

Start up a tender for young companies with DNA innovation

Applications from 8 July to 11 October 2019 for start-up calls for tenders. The Region with European Funds aims to promote activities and generate employment.

Hackathon MOBILIT–ER: intelligent local mobility in Emilia–Romagna

Organized as part of R2B Research to Business - the International Exhibition on Industrial Research and Innovation Skills, will be held at BolognaFiere on 6 and 7 June 2019

Call for New Ideas for New Businesses

Last days to register for the startup contest

The Tecnopolo in the bottle

Phase two of the ongoing project at the FabLab Romagna

The Tecnopolo meets the productive categories

The opportunities of the Technopolis Network present themselves

The importance of innovation for companies

Derived from the Latin, nowadays "innovation" is synonymous with "new idea" and "invention".


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