The Tecnopolo di Rimini as a tool of competitive advantage for local companies

The Tecnopolo di Rimini as a tool of competitive advantage for local companies

The opportunities available to businesses

One of the main objectives of a company should be to find its competitive advantage , that is, a set of elements of the offer of products and services that puts the company in a privileged position, that is why customers turn to that particular enterprise, rather than another.
This advantage, however, to be really effective, also needs other features. It must be unique, inimitable, clearly superior to what is offered by others and above all it must be adaptable to different situations and to the passage of time.
It is indeed important that this advantage remains so over time, that it can not be copied or replaced by competitors, or that the evolution of the market does not make it obsolete.
According to the most advanced marketing strategies, if the competitive advantage is really such and is innovative compared to what is in circulation, is also able to create a new market and produce a strong value creation, pushing those who are able to exploit it in a leading position.
Therefore, in an effort to expand its strategy, to optimize the present and prepare the future, every company must examine its competitive advantages and develop them in a lasting form to have a significant advantage over its competitors.
To last, a competitive advantage must:
  • impose a proprietary standard
  • make imitation or the transfer of knowledge difficult
  • reduce costs compared to competition
  • significantly improve the quality of the production process and the finished product
  • produce the company's leadership as an effect
All the economic activities that produce and sell goods or services absolutely need a competitive advantage in order to be able to position themselves in the market.
The innovation and research that take place within the Technopolitan Network of Emilia Romagna can help to create this advantage.

The Tecnopolo di Rimini , located in the former area of the city's Slaughterhouse, is spread over a surface of 1,235 square meters, to which are added over 1,780 of open space . Inside there are laboratories of Chemistry , Instrumental , Informatics , Biotechnology , cell cultures, deposits and meeting rooms.

In addition to the laboratories and their modern research tools, through the Technopole and its staff, companies access activities and services such as internationalization, dissemination, demonstration and information .
The Tecnopolo di Rimini promotes the meeting between companies and researchers and access to state-of-the-art scientific equipment, reducing the gap between research supply and demand.


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The new frontiers of sustainable packaging

A conference in Rimini on October 16th
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Rimini Tecnopolo at RBM

In Cesena, October 9th
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Forum S3: great representation of the Technopole Laboratories

FORUM S3 2019 - The Clust-ER and sustainable development: research and innovation for the Agenda 2030 challenges
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Alternative to plastic: the Tecnopolo of Rimini in the front row

EcopAckLab: an innovative packaging system for the conservation quality improvement and completely compostable


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