"Plastics, risks and opportunities in the context of a circular economy"

Rimini 24 September at 3.00pm

The life cycle of plastics and future perspectives linked to new innovative materials will be the focus of the conference entitled " Plastics, risks and opportunities in the context of a circular economy " to be held on September 24th starting at 3.00 pm at the Marvelli Room of the Province of Rimini in via Dario Campana 64.

The conference, promoted by the Rimini Technopole and the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research Renewable Sources, Environment, Sea and Energy of the University of Bologna and in collaboration with Uni.Rimini SpA , the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rimini and the Italian Chemical Society will be an opportunity to present the research activities that are taking place in Italy, both in university research and in industrial research.
We will discuss both the more traditional plastics and those of more recent marketing, the so-called "bioplastics".

During the event, representatives of local institutions will participate, researchers from the University of Bologna who carry out studies in this sector, also at the Rimini Technopole, companies such as HERA, the COREPLA consortium, and other players in the market and industrial research.

The conference aims to bring together in a single event all those involved in the life cycle of plastic materials, both for food and industrial use, to focus on the risks and opportunities of a material that is much talked about in these last times.

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