The Tecnopolo in the bottle

The Tecnopolo in the bottle

Phase two of the ongoing project at the FabLab Romagna

Last week began the so-called 'Phase 2' of the winning project of the STEAM Call (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) which saw the Rimini Tecnopolo as the location for the first part of the activities.

The regional tender, which had the purpose of allowing students and teachers to know the places of knowledge and research to approach the STEAM disciplines through direct experiences, and to encourage students to take a systematic and experimental attitude, as well as to resort to to imagination and to make new connections between ideas.

The winning project of the announcement, which had as its leader ENAIP S.Zavatta of Rimini and in partnership the Serpieri Scientific High School, the ITS Belluzzi-Da Vinci, the ISISS tonino Guerra of Novafeltria, the ISISS Einaudi-Molari di Santarcangelo of Romagna, the Panzini middle school, the Fermi middle school in Rimini and Uni.Rimini (the manager of the Rimini Technopole), will cover 210 students who will have the opportunity to carry out activities both inside the Technopole of via Dario Campana, and at the FabLab Romagna at the ITS Belluzzi-Da Vinci.

In this phase the students involved, after having learned the principles of water analysis at the Rimini Tecnopolo laboratories, will take care of designing and implementing a quality detection device at the FabLab Romagna (via Colonna 10 in Rimini). water, to carry out the necessary analyzes and, finally, to publish and present the results.
With this call, it will be possible for teachers to update their knowledge and gain awareness of the opportunities and skills needs associated with innovation processes, and for children to approach the STEAM disciplines in an original and experiential way by stimulating the construction of their own path training and contrasting gender stereotypes.
The Tecnopolo, home to the University of Bologna's applied research laboratories, is a driving force for bringing new generations closer to scientific culture. With the study on climate change and the eco-sustainable economy, students participating in the project can approach scientific research following practical and applicative methods.


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The new frontiers of sustainable packaging

A conference in Rimini on October 16th
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Rimini Tecnopolo at RBM

In Cesena, October 9th
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Forum S3: great representation of the Technopole Laboratories

FORUM S3 2019 - The Clust-ER and sustainable development: research and innovation for the Agenda 2030 challenges
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Alternative to plastic: the Tecnopolo of Rimini in the front row

EcopAckLab: an innovative packaging system for the conservation quality improvement and completely compostable


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