Rimini celebrates Emilia 4, the solar car winner of the American Solar Challenge

Rimini celebrates Emilia 4, the solar car winner of the American Solar Challenge

The designers have been awarded by the Municipality

Thursday, October 4, in the central Piazza Cavour was presented the car born from the project of advanced industrial research developed and built by the University of Bologna and the Onda Solare Team. Onda Solar, the only European team competing with 'Emilia 4', recently won the American Solar Challenge, a race reserved for solar cars, covering 2700 kilometers through the rocky mountains, using only solar energy to reach the finish without ever connecting to the mains to recharge the batteries.

Born from a research project funded by the Emilia Romagna Region thanks to the Por Fesr funds, developed and built entirely in Emilia Romagna with the involvement of CIRI Advanced Mechanics and Materials (also hosted at the Tecnopolo di Rimini) and the CIRI aeronautics and support of several companies and research centers including the Cineca Supercomputing Center and SCM Group of Rimini. A product born then in our land. Not only that, to move Emilia 4 uses an amount of energy similar to that needed to make a hairdryer work.

" We are happy - said the assessors of environmental policies and mobility Montini and Frisoni during the delivery of an official recognition of the City of Rimini, in the hands of the Rimini Giangiacomo Minak, associate professor of mechanical design and construction of machines at the school of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna - to be able to reward a product of ingenuity and commitment in the most advanced technological research of our universities and of our researchers able to characterize and excel in the world for the highest level of innovation ".

In addition to the municipal administration were present the Director of Innovation Federico Ratti of Scm Group and the manager of the Rimini Technopole, and director of Uni.Rimini, Lorenzo Succi who also organized a participated meeting with students of the upper soles of the city.

" The Solar Wave project - said the manager of Tecnopolo Lorenzo Succi - is the best demonstration of how public bodies, professionals and companies can collaborate in a profitable way for innovation.The Tecnopolo di Rimini, works actively in this direction and is today proud to celebrate this project, unique in its kind, with a high technological content, above all in terms of materials, of which the University of Bologna and the SCM group have been essential subjects ".


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A conference in Rimini on October 16th
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Rimini Tecnopolo at RBM

In Cesena, October 9th
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Forum S3: great representation of the Technopole Laboratories

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